2014-07-07 10.10.10Feeling like a fancy hound? Try our Biscotti drizzled with carob! Yum!

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Eganville Farmers Market

Eganville Leader Article

Eganville Leader Article

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Ruff Day at work

Ruff Day at work

Kenora’s Post

2014-04-14 15.21.33 2014-04-21 16.24.39Spring is FINALLY here and I’m so excited! What a long winter. Why did I leave the warm southern states to retire somewhere cold?! Oh well, I do love it here.

My favorite parts are running around like a crazy dog and sampling all the new recipes mom is working on for the markets! The Pina Colada treats are pretty amazing and pretty healthy too! My coat is so nice and shiny from the coconut oil in them! Juicy pineapple and toasted coconut! Oops, I drooled on the floor just now. I saw some bacon come in the house, so I hope she makes a cookie with that in it! I’ll keep you posted. My line of vision is perfectly level with the oven, so I don’t miss much. Gotta run, I see samples coming out of the oven!


Market Season is almost here!

We will be at the Pembroke Farmers Market Wednesday May 21 from 8:30-1:00! Come down and check out the booth, along with so many other great. We’ll be there every Wednesday until Thanksgiving and the odd Saturday.

Each week we’ll have fresh baked Peamutt Butter & Cheese Bones, as well as many other tasty treats!

Also, check out our facebook page!

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New Cards!

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Pumpkin Muffins

2013-10-13 14.42.44In the spirit of fall, we’ve been baking Pumpkin Muffins! A delicious little treat loved by the pooches! Orders in the Pembroke area can be delivered! $6 per dozen. 

Hearts for Hounds Cookie Campaign

posterv2_1aI am so excited to announce the newest fundraiser for us! The Hearts for Hounds cookie campaign is getting into full swing! Purchase your heart shaped Peamutt Butter cookie and support the Renfew County SPCA! Cookies are $2 each. I will be posting a list of places involved with the fundraiser soon. Be sure to check back in!

Peamutt Butter Bones


Cheese Bones